How I Quit Smoking

Well, here I was, 30 years old, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, and I didn’t have a clue as to the harm I was doing to my body. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breath. Exercise was the last thing on my mind, because I had no idea the trouble I was in, and no idea of how I was going to get out of it.

Well, one day, after a good long spell of coughing and hacking, some little voice inside me told me that if I did not change my ways, I was going to die. Whoa! That got my attention. And then, after a long period of thought, I said to myself, “Okay, if I want to live, I have to Stop Smoking. How am I going to do that?”

I made an effort with the patch, but that did not work. I tried something called laser therapy, but had no luck with that either. Then I saw an ad in a Winnipeg newspaper advertising mind programming to help anyone to stop smoking. I called the number in the ad and spoke with some guy who was going to lock me into a motel room with this woman who would spend the weekend programming my mind, and he guaranteed that after one weekend of programming I would no longer be thinking of cigarettes. All for only $1,200 up front. No Thank You.

I spent some time thinking about this programming stuff, how the body works, how our habits work, and came up with some thoughts on how I might be able to accomplish my goal.

The human body has two nervous systems. One is called the central nervous system, and part of the central nervous system is another one called the autonomic nervous system. The central nervous system controls all voluntary bodily functions such as a muscle contracting, the blinking of your eyes etc., and the autonomic nervous system controls all involuntary functions such as the beating of your heart, and the operation of your liver, etc.

We also have two minds, the conscious mind, which controls all conscious thought such as what we are going to have for dinner, and our subconscious mind, which controls our habits and addictions. Now, if I can program my subconscious mind, I should be able to control my habits, and my nicotine addiction. No more scratching that spot that isn’t even itchy. No more with my hand automatically going to my pocket and grabbing that cigarette. Okay, now how am I going to program my subconscious mind?

Programming is an act where you repeat conscious thoughts to yourself over and over until the day comes that these instructions are finally imbedded into your subconscious mind. Lots of repetition of what you want to do.

Okay. Here is how I did it. Every chance I got I would say to myself, with conviction, I Will Stop Smoking, I Will Stop Smoking, I Will Stop Smoking. Not, I will stop smoking on Friday, or I will stop smoking on my next birthday. Or I will stop smoking next Monday. No, No, No. Set a day, and that day is NOW. No more procrastination. No more thinking about it. Make up your mind to do it, and get it done. Get it done, and get it done NOW.

Here I was, walking down the road and saying to myself, I Will Stop Smoking, I Will Stop Smoking, I Will Stop Smoking, and all the while I am puffing away on a cigarette. I’m sure some of my friends thought I was nuts, and I had finally lost it.

I was working up north in a camp setting, talking to myself about quitting smoking, and about two months after I started this programming, I woke up one day and cigarettes were suddenly the most disgusting thing in the world. Out the window went half a carton of cigarettes, lighter, matches, ashtrays, etc. and my smoking days were over.

I have never had one craving for tobacco since that day. My smoking days were over, it was done. I, with the help of my subconscious mind, was now in control. I told that smoking Demon to get the hell out of my life. I would be the one that would decide what I put into my body. I was the one who had just made the decision that I would live. That was the best day of my life, and that was a lot of years ago.

You too can stop smoking by using the same Positive Affirmation Programming that I used to help myself to stop this deadly addiction. To program your mind to stop smoking repeat the sentence, “I Will Stop Smoking, I Will Stop Smoking. I Will Stop Smoking,” to yourself out loud and with conviction, and do this for as long as it takes to get the job done.

This message of “I Will Stop Smoking” will eventually become embedded into your subconscious mind, and the day will come when your smoking days will be over, the same as what happened with me.

I had encouragement from a number of people who helped me quit. I also found encouragement by knowing what was in the stuff I was putting in my mouth. Some people may require some form of additional encouragement to help them to quit smoking, and perhaps knowing what is in those cigarettes will help you with that. I know that it certainly helped me.

Please understand that the final decision to quit smoking has to come from you. Programming your mind to quit smoking is a big step in helping you to do that, and knowing what is in the cigarettes should give you an added incentive to help you through the program.

If you need more incentive to help you quit, kindly read the Health Article on this site entitled “The Toxins In Cigarettes”. This will make you aware of the toxic compounds you are inhaling when you smoke, and the damage that you are doing to your body.

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After I quit smoking, I had to come up with a way to get my health back. 145 pounds on a 6 foot frame just did not cut it. After a lot of thought, I came up with a program that not only improved my health, but very likely saved my life.

I made a personal commitment to work out in the local gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a minimum of at least one hour a day. I also made a commitment to change my diet from the garbage I was eating to something that would provide the nutrients necessary for good health. The third commitment I made was to take up walking two miles a day, and this then changed from walking to jogging. This walking was mostly on a treadmill, and with weather permitting, it was done outdoors.

18 months after I quit smoking, and took up my exercise/weight training program, I weighed 190 pounds, and I could run 2 miles a day. I went from a skinny kid who was in terrible shape to someone who was healthy, and who had a positive attitude about life.

I am totally convinced that if I had not stopped smoking and changed my lifestyle, I would have passed away a long time ago. Make the commitment to beat that deadly smoking habit, get your health back, get your life back, and get on with living that life. All your friends and your family will Thank You for having the courage, and for making the commitment to get it done.

One more item. The tobacco companies are making a lot of money from selling you the toxic compounds that are causing your health to deteriorate. Stop giving your money to people who really do not care about whether you live or die. Stop giving your money to the people who are getting Rich from your addiction. Make a commitment to get rid of your addiction by following the program outlined above, and get back to living a healthy life. I ask that you do this for yourself, for those that you love, and for those that love you.


I wish you all the best. Please take good care, Ron.

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